Have you seen the Troubadoors? Let's fix that.

The Troubadoors is a musical comedy web series about a group of college students who banded together after being rejected by their university's show choir. Together, they form singing group called 'The Troubadoors,' aptly named, as their gigs consist of them going door-to-door, and singing for randoms. The show is hilarious, the production quality is impressive, and we want to be friends with all of the actors.

The episode below, 'Hobbit Day,' includes an epic nerd battle, plenty of pretty nerd girls pretending to be elves, and hilarious delivery of the fake spell, "HAKUNA MATATA!" The whole thing wraps up with a music video where the entire cast serenades a grumpy, Gollum-ish birthday girl with a tribute song, which includes the line:

"When Goblins come, and orcs are all around, I come undone until I hear the sound of your voice screaming: 'You shall now pass...'"

Check out the whole series right here. You can thank us later, just don't be creepy about it, like last time.