I'm not a fan of "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta" but I am endlessly intrigued with the shenanigans of two of this shows main characters music producer Stevie J and his "wife" Joseline Hernandez. If you watch the show, you are familiar with the backstory of these two and one of the questions always asked is "When are these two going to actually do music together?". That time has finally come.....unfortunately.

A couple of things about this video that stand out. First off, who was the camera guy? This video is totally out of focus. Don't even get me started on the SONG. It's absolutely terrible. The fact that Stevie J has sold MILLIONS of records as a producer doesn't cover up the fact that when it comes to hooking up his "wife" with some hotness, he dropped the ball. I just might have to start tuning in to this show to see how this one turns out. What are your thoughts?