In  a recent interview former Home Improvement star Tim Allen seemed to defend the use of the N word. How can this be? well Tim says  for example if he's around Martin Lawrence and Martin for whatever reason calls Tim the N word it's no big deal, but if  Tim is  let's say  seven feet away and  uses the N-word it's a no-no. To me the rule of thumb is this regardless if you are black or white just don't use the word period. I don't use it in general conversation and i'm black and to those white people who say well when i'm listening to rap music and the N-word is used in the song i'm just singing along with the song, that doesn't make it right either. Tim Allen also used the following logic " If I have no intent,if I show no intent,if I clearly am not a racist,then how can the N-word be bad coming out of my mouth" ?. According to Allen ,Webster's dictionary says    the N-word means unemployed and indigent dock worker which could be used to describe his brother who lives in Boston and is unemployed. Well i'm not sure if Allen's brother likes be called the N-word, but to me it seems like ,some just like holding on to power to use the word regardless  how much pain and suffering it means to any black person. Regardless of the intent or how the word is defined there just is no place for the use of the word and until We all understand this we will always be having these type of discussions. Please just let it go and that goes for all races, can we agree on this?