In another case of what seems to be a disturbing trend in America, another unarmed black man was shot to death by a police officer after a routine traffic stop, this time in Cincinnati. Samuel Dubose lost his life after University of Cincinnati police officer Ray Tensing pulled him over for having a missing front license plate on his car. Body cam footage caught the incident and Tensing has since been charged with murder.

Samuel Dubose was shot in the head after a brief confrontation with Tensing on Sunday. Tensing and fellow officers on the scene initially stated that Dubose tried to drive off with Tensing hanging on to the car and Tensing shot him because he believed his life was in danger. But body cam footage released by the District Attorney showed that this wasn't the case and Tensing was charged with murder and arrested. Officer Tensing was given a $1 Million bond and late Thursday night, made bond and was released.

"I've been doing this for over 30 years. This is the most asinine act I've ever seen a police officer make -- totally unwarranted, It's an absolute tragedy in the year 2015 that anyone would behave in this manner. It was senseless." - Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters via CNN

There's no timetable on when the trial will begin but when you add this case to those including Sandra Bland and others, it showcases a very SCARY trend that police violence against African-Americans is a REAL thing and something that must be addressed.