Originally called the Hi-Lites, the Chi-Lites were formed in Chicago in 1959 with

Marshall Thompson, Creadel "Red" Jones, Eugene Record, Robert Lester, and Clarence Johnson.

They released a number of singles as the Hi-Lites, and in 1964, changed their name to Marshall & the Chi-Lites; the 'C' was substituted to reflect the name of their hometown, Chicago.  When Clarence left the group, the name was changed again to the Chi-Lites, and Eugene Record slowly emerged as the group's lead singer, songwriter and producer.

In 1969, under the Brunswick label, , "Give It Away" became their first USA national hit single and reached the number ten spot in the R&B charts.  Then came "Let Me Be The Man My Daddy Was" which was moderately successful. Are You My Woman ?" climbed into the R&B top ten in early 1971, and a  succession of top ten hits followed starting with "(For God's Sake) Give More Power To The People";  the first release to crossover into the pop charts, followed by "Have You Seen Her" and "Oh Girl".  Both reached number one in the R&B charts with "Oh Girl" also achieving the number one slot in the pop charts.

In 2000 the Chi-Lites were inducted into Rhythm & Blues Hall of Fame.

They are currently recording with Marshall Thompsons' record label Marance Records distributed by Sumthing Distribution.

The Chi-Lites song, "Are You My Woman", is sampled and featured on Beyonce's  album "Crazy In Love" featuring Jay-Z and can be found on Beyoncé's "Dangerously In Love" CD.

July 2005 - Eugene Record, the original lead singer and composer of the greatest songs of the Chi-Lites, Including "Oh Girl," Have You Seen Her" and "Coldest Days of my life" passed away 2am on 7/22/05 after a long bout with cancer.

Eugene was 64

Jan 2010 - Robert 'Squirrel' Lester passed away after a long battle with cancer.