Stevie Wonder, "Little Stevie", was born premature and was blinded as a result of receiving too much oxygen in the incubator.  In spite of this disability, Stevie pushed through and is now one of the most successful and celebrated artists of all time.

Stevie was a child prodigy who showed an early gift for music that began with the church choir at the age of 4.  He would later learn a to play numerous instruments, including the harmonica, piano, and drums, which he taught himself to play before the age of 10.

Stevie was discovered by Ronnie White of The Miracles when he was 11 years old, auditioned with Berry Gordy, and the rest is history.  Working with Ronnie White, he released his debut album, Little Stevie Wonder the 12 Year Old Genius, which included his first successful single, "Fingertips", with the follow up, "Uptight (Everything is Alright)."

Stevie had a deep commitment to his craft and began writing his own music.  He was one of the first Motown musicians to do something that was unprecedented .  He negotiated a new contract with Berry Gordy that would give him almost total control of his records which substantially increased his royalty rate.

Over his career span of forty plus years, Stevie has won 25 Grammy Awards which includes a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award.  He was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and recognized with the Second Library of Congress Gershwin Prize  for Popular Song.

Some of the most indelible songs in popular music history were created by Stevie Wonder making him huge musical force.  He took on social issues through his music, and of note, successfully spearheaded a movement to create a national holiday that recognizes Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.