We're jamming on Throwback Sunday and here's JoJo's "Throwback Pick Of The Week" from a virtually unknown (at the time) singer named Donna Summer. The story behind this song is truly fascinating. After living in Germany for many years as a singer and theater actress, Summer's big break after suggesting the lyric "Love To Love You Baby" to her producer who quickly turned it into a song that would introduce the world to the "disco" sound and earned her the title "Queen of Disco". Summer on the other hand had reservations and concerns about the songs racy content (moaning and sexual sounds were unheard of on a recording at the time) and even went as far to say that she wouldn't perform the song. But luckily, she did and we have an amazing classic song to get you into your feelings with. Join us for Throwback Sunday every Sunday afternoon from 3pm to 5pm on Kiss-FM.