When  I  first heard the news about the school shooting in  Newtown,  Conn Friday, my first thought was who in their right mind could enter a school and shoot and kill 20 first graders and another 6 people who worked at the school.As the weekend went on i thought about the movie theater shooting in  Aurora ,Colorado, The tragic shooting of former congresswoman  Gabby  Giffords in  Arizona, the Fort Hood shootings   here in our area, the  Virgina  Tech shootings on campus ,the shooting at a house of worship in Wisconsin and  the  Columbine shootings again in Colorado,then just this morning reading the headlines brought it all home to me. 10  teenagers shot over the weekend in Chicago,2 Kansas police officers  fatally shot while on duty,an Indiana  man with 47 guns arrested after a school threat and a gunman shoots 1  in a Texas movie theater parking lot. We are a violent nation that loves guns plain and simple,President  Obama wants to tackle the gun problem, and everyone agrees something has to be done to stop this violence from happening,but no one wants  to take the first step to address the problem and until we do as a nation,sadly these types of incidents will happen over and over again.In fact one of the country's  most powerful gun lobbies is located just three miles from from Sandy Hook  Elementary where  Friday shootings took place. The  National Shooting  Sports Foundation spent over $500.000 in 2012 on pro gun lobbying and the  NRA spent  another 2.2 million in 2012 on Washington  D.C.  lobbyist, until this problem is solved at the Government level sadly guns will remain part of our fabric,so again i say   this has to stop. But will it ever?