Social media has enabled people from all over the world to find other like minded people to connect with, it also brings with it the potential for unwelcome harassment from strangers...especially for the ladies. So, what can we do about it? I, for one say, LET'S HAVE SOME FUN WITH IT!

Many of my female friends tell me that almost daily, they receive unsolicited messages like the one to the right from some random guy or guys hitting on them. I mean, its not "totally" the guys fault because men are "visual" creatures, but it sometimes makes me wonder if guys even bother leaving the house to meet their next potential mate or do they just stare at their phones all day and take the easy route. I've literally seen guys inside a club full of ladies ignore the women in their presence and bury their faces into their phones sending random messages to whoever looks appealing on Facebook or Instagram.



Besides the misspellings, the horrible grammar and the downright "rudeness" of this, add to it, the fact that most don't even bother asking or even caring that some of these ladies are in relationships. Or you guys say something lame like the one to the left. You just skydived into this person's inbox and then fronted like, "that's not my style". But bonus points for the spell checked use of "resplendent". So Ladies, what I'm getting at this, LET'S HAVE FUN WITH THIS! I want you to take screencaps of messages like this and send me some of the craziest things you've received in your inbox whether its been on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. We're calling them #ThirstCaps and each week we'll highlight some of the funniest and craziest ones. Fellas, you're welcome to share if you have any from females as well. We're all about equal opportunity fun here! Email your ThristCaps to I'll even act and read some on the air during The Kiss Goodnight tonight starting at 11:00pm! Don't be a victim on that #ThirstCap Screen!