most of my weekends are pretty much the same, a couple days off  of work, watching college football on saturday's and pro football on Sunday's and  every now and then a trip to club to get my party on, why is it when you go out alone and i'm only speaking for me,  you get little or no play from the ladies, however if i am out on a date with a lady, i get quite a few women flirting and smiling with me, i also noticed college football has this insane rule that if a players helmet comes off he has to go out of the game for one play, that simply makes no sense although the NCAA says it has to do  with player safety. as for the pros now that the regular refs are back the games are running smoothly again, however the real refs make mistakes too and i noticed a couple of bad calls but hey that's normal and they are still the best at what they do, i also have  friend whose son plays football for rice university  and although they are not a  football powerhouse it seems like the coach has no idea how to fix their defense,rice has lost three games by letting the other teams ball carriers run right up the middle of their defense for long touchdown runs, what ever happened to to the common football term making adjustments? and lastly i noticed that weekends are just to short