It's on again tonight as The Kiss Goodnight kicks off the Tuesday night edition with a throwback from Anthony Hamilton as he takes on a trip to his hood on a classic jam "Comin' Where I'm From".

"Comin' From Where I'm From" is from Hamilton's second album of the same name and also his first major hit. I remember seeing him first perform this song on "Chappelle's Show" and from there the song took off. Its a soulful slow ride as Hamilton tells his story of growing up struggling in North Carolina, a struggle that can easily be applied to any hood in America. I believe this song doesn't get the props it deserves mainly because it lead to Hamilton's next single the MONSTER hit "Charlene" which propelled Hamilton into R&B superstar status.

Listen Live as "we be all night" with your favorite slow jams and love songs and a few surprises as well! Its The Kiss Goodnight starting at 11pm CST!