All day long, we've been monitoring events in Baltimore and elsewhere and you deserve a break for the night. Cut the TV off, log off the news sites and save your comments to those trolls for tomorrow. Get close with someone special and spend the night with some slow jams on The Kiss Goodnight! 

Let's take it back to 1994. R. Kelly was ruling the R&B charts with his classic 12 Play,and was in demand as a writer and producer. He was asked to write and produce for duo Changing Faces, Cassandra Lucas and Charisse Rose, and the trio delivered this smash as the duo's first single. "Stroke" was not only an R&B hit but a pop hit as well.

We jamming this one and a few other jams you may have forgotten about as well like this one.......I will also have some new music from Tyrese and more! Hit the Listen Live link and get closer with me tonight!