I make no apologies   in saying the Voice is the best of the singing reality shows, with all due respect to American Idol", to begin with i love the concept of the judges hearing the talent first before seeing them,so many times in the music industry it's flash or ones appearance that gets them ahead and not their talent. Season four of the show kicked off last night with two new judges Usher who is talking the place of Ceelo Green while he attends to his Las Vegas shows and Shakira who is filling in for Christina Aguilera and after only one episode it would be perfectly fine with me if Mr. Green  and Ms. Aguilera were not invited back.I know that seems harsh but the fact is Usher and Shakira bring a freshness to the hit show and their chemistry  with the other judges Adam Levine and Blake Shelton is apparent right off, even Usher's brain freeze moment of calling Nashville  a state was must see and great TV as Blake Shelton poked fun at the Grammy winning singer during the competition, while Usher made fun of himself for the blunder. I  know the producers of the show might not want to shake up the show just yet, but i urge them to think about making Usher and Shakira permanent judges on the show.