Before I moved to Texas in 2002, it was already common knowledge in my home state of Louisiana that Blue Bell Ice Cream is the ONLY ice cream a Texan should (and will) consume, as we too were fans of its delicious goodness. When the company decided to recall all its products, I found it weird that we all felt some sort of "sadness".

I didn't understand why I was feeling this way until I walked into a local convenience store and its impact made its self clear...WE ARE OUT OF ICE CREAM!

Okay, before this article goes "sideways" and panic consumes the streets, let me explain. In the above photo, you see dozens, if not hundreds of ice cream buckets being recalled but what you don't see is the cooler next to it. The one next to it contained Snickers Ice Cream Bars, Twix, Drumsticks and other "novelty" brands and apparently THOSE were being recalled too. I asked the clerk if they were made by "Blue Bell" and she said "I don't know, but we're not taking any precautions".

With Mother's Day around the corner, its going to be pretty rough over the next couple of weeks for fans of Blue Bell such as myself. And a Texas summer without Blue Bell could result in a VERY UGLY summer for residents statewide. I call on Governor Abbott to declare a "State Of Emergency" and allocate funds to bring Blue Bell back up to speed so we can get get back to the business of enjoying its delicious goodness.

I'm sure Blue Bell will recover soon, but this meme pretty much sums up how we're feeling: