This is where 6 year old Hunter had to have lunch at school the other day, hidden behind what his school calls a "Confidential Cubby", because he was late for school...again.


Hunter's mom has health problems and the family's old Durango breaks down a lot.  That is the reason why Hunter was late for school.  His mom went to see him at lunch that day and saw Hunter crying behind his cardboard.  She took a picture and Hunter's Grandma posted it on Facebook.

Let the outrage begin.

Hunter's school, Lincoln Elementary in Grant's Pass, Oregon was soon  flooded with messages from all over the country demanding an end to this shaming practice.



Meanwhile Hunter's Dad had taken the family vehicle in for repairs.  It was likely a hopeless act.


Over across town, a local radio station personality started a campaign to get the family a reliable set of wheels.  It worked.


When the family went to pick up the Durango, they got a surprise. Their vehicle was dead, but Rapid Repo and Collections, and other local businesses, had fixed up a 2001 Chrysler Town and Country minivan for them.  Kelly’s Automotive Service, who repaired the van, included free oil changes for a year and $100 in free gas.


Meanwhile back at school, the shaming 'Confidential Cubby' is gone. The Superintendent changed the policy for chronically tardy students.  Instead of being isolated in the cafeteria. the students will 'make up work in a private space alongside a teacher’s aide'.


Apparently being late means you miss a lot of work at that school.