Allen Iverson was pound for pound the toughest guy to ever play in the NBA, and at 6-foot and 165 pounds he took a beating for 14 seasons in the  league and age 37 he still should and could still be playing, but's he's not , why? The reasons are many, many have to do with his attitude, in his last few seasons in the league his refusal to play by society's rules was seen as a character flaw by many, but that was only late in his career, when he was a star for the Philadelphia 76ers  it was often over looked cause he was scoring buckets and making the franchise millions of dollars.But Iverson isn't a basketball player anymore,for the last three years Iverson has chased an NBA comeback,his marriage fell apart and much of the fortune he earned an estimated 150 million in salary alone is gone. He has hit rock bottom and is having trouble accepting it. How bad is it ? during his 2012 divorce  proceedings in Atlanta, Iverson pulled out his pants pockets and  shouted at his estranged wife Tawanna" i don't even have money to buy a cheeseburger" she then handed him $ 61 . "God gave him this great gift and one day you knew he was going to take it away" says former Sixers President Pat Croce. During Iverson's prime teammates accepted his unique style and personality,now he's  looked upon sometimes as a joke, as a person who was undependable and volatile with a number of character flaws. Recently Iverson played in Turkey and then China  looking for one last chance to play in the NBA, no team gave him a shot, and  Iverson turned down a chance to play  in the league's Development league saying "it is not the route for me" For what he gave the game Allen Iverson deserves better, but in the end maybe just maybe he has to look in the mirror and ask who is really to blame?