I am not a big Neo Soul Music Lover, but having said that I do appreciate good music.  I have worked in the music industry for over 20 years, and during that 20 years I have interviewed countless singers, songwriters and movie stars.  Everyone in the industry often knows things about a celebrity that the general public doesn't.  Whether they are nice or mean, cool or awkward.  I have heard for many years from many that I have worked with that Jill Scott has a very difficult attitude.  She is said to be very demanding and short on patience.  I never question these reports because everyone has their own opinion.

Jill Scott is arguably the greatest of the Neo Soul Artists.  She sells out venues where other Neo Soul Artists fail.  Her songs are always filled with a soultry soulful moving serenade. What makes me completely forget about everything I have heard about her interviews are the positive and up lifting songs like, "Golden," and my all time favorite, "Blessed"  These songs touch me and they remind me that there is always a positive side to negativity.