At present the NFL season consists of a 16 game regular season schedule,but if the  league has it's way that will change soon with two more regular season games  added for a total of 18 regular season games, if you are asking why would  the NFL consider this with the latest conversation being about player safety,it's simple M O N E Y and nothing else,two more regular season games in  an average stadium  that seats 65 thousand at $50.00 a ticket well you do the match and you see why the Billion dollar league wants to add two more games  to all of it's 32 teams schedule, thankfully cooler heads may prevail in the name of the players union which is sure to fight the increase in number of games for safety issues if nothing else. As a fan i would love to see more  games but not at the expense of player safety and to be honest when i think about  it 16 games plus the playoffs seems just about right, as the old saying goes if it's not broken why fix it?