If you have listened to KISS FM in the last few months you had to hear the voice of Algebra Blessett. She is one of the new wave of R&B Artists to come to a Classic Old School Station.  Generally on a Classic R&B Radio Station the music is dominated by "Oldies." However, today's Classic Old School Listener is very different from their parents and their grand parents.  Unlike the days of the past where old school was 24 hours a day, today its Old School mixed with New School.

Todays mothers and grand mothers still look and feel like life and music are still young.   This new generation of Old School Music Lovers also love New R&B.  One of the brightest new R&B Star is Algebra Blessett and her song, "Nobody But You"  and if you haven't heard make it a point, because it is filled with old school and smooth R&B, and today it could be the next classic.