Michael Jackson is without a doubt the greatest entertainer of any generation.  His electric performances and brilliant singing style catapulted him to mega stardom, and he did this while still in grade school.  June 25th commemorates the fifth year of his passing.  As great as he was and as rich as he became it was said by one his bodyguards that at the time of his death he was so broke he couldn't even purchase a cell phone.  The loss of his wealth and the downward spiral of his finances followed a path very different from every other entertainer.  His sudden fall into a pool of debt didn't come from women, drugs or alcoholism.  His story is different from any entertainer who ever came before him, because his fall was due to a medical condition called, "a beautiful heart."

His soft spoken and generous heart was what made him beloved and honored around the world.  And believe it or not, his giving heart was where his money troubles began.....they began with giving.  Michael supported many charities and unlike most celebrities he didn't just give his time, he also opened his wallet.  Estimates are that he gave away more than $500 Million Dollars to charities around the world in his lifetime.  His gracious and giving heart put him in a category all his own.  He has set a Guinness Record of being the most giving entertainer to ever live.