Football season is well underway with at least 4 weeks of Pro Football done, we're starting to see who's going to be the winners and who's going to be the losers. This special playlist I've curated is for teams that WON'T do well, no need to identify who they are, just know that if you take a loss on Sunday, these 5 songs will help you get through it.

  • 1

    "One Last Cry" Brian McKnight

    So, your team lost a close one in overtime after what seemed like an assured victory. That can be heartbreaking. This is the perfect song for when you're feeling down, have "one last cry"

  • 2

    "Let Me Down Easy" The Isley Brothers

    Did your kicker miss that last minute Field Goal to send the game into overtime? I can definitely see how that could "let you down"... The Isleys got you covered.

  • 3

    "BrokenHearted" Brandy feat. Wanya Morris

    Losing can hit you where it really hurts. Sometimes it can break your heart. It's gonna be okay, you'll get over it!

  • 4

    "How Can I Ease The Pain" Lisa Fischer

    There's only one way you could possibly ease your pain and that's find another team to root for. But that's not you right? Don't give up on your team!

  • 5

    "Un-Break My Heart" Toni Braxton

    Don't spend the rest of your Sundays in the shower crying man. Okay, cry, then dust yourself and root for your team next week. It's going to be okay....maybe


    Never Forget!

    Remember this overall, it was a TEAM loss, don't blame just one person or make excuses for just one person.