Why is it that you can go to some hair salons and get in and out within a short amount of time, and some you can be there for hours?I guess a lot of it depends on the service that you're getting, but for a wash, conditioner, and curl you would think 2 hours max, right?

Well, here's my story...I once went to a salon with an 8:30 am appt.  I did not get out of there until 4:30 pm!  When I got there, on time, the stylist didn't get there until 9 am, and when she came rushing in the door, she immediately washed my hair and cut it... there I sat.  She talked on the phone, had an emergency with her sister, a problem with her husband, so she had to leave for about 30 minutes, then it was lunch time (break)...Oh and by the way, with the assistance of her shampoo girl, she shampooed 4 more ladies so we all basically just sat with wet heads waiting. During the conversations among the stylists and the neighborhood know-it-all, we got caught up on all the latest community gossip, the latest fashion trends, and who got locked up last, etc.  Then she had somebody come in who needed her weave tightened up,  which was "only going to take a few minutes"!   She had to place a product order when the salesman came in, so of course that took more time because she wasn't expecting him on that day!  Geeze Louise!  By the time I left there, I felt as though I had put in a full day of work!  BUT...In all fairness, must admit that it was well worth the wait!  My hair was hooked up and head turner ready!  The cut was absolutely beautiful!!  Shout out to the salons that keep you there ALL day!  lol