Former Supremes lead singer and R & B  diva Diana Ross caused a major scene at a Beverly Hills restaurant last week after she was told she would have to wait to be seated. Seems Ms. Ross arrived early at  upscale eatery La  Scala to have lunch with her daughter but was told the restaurant does not seat anyone without a reservation until the entire party has arrived,because Diana showed up before her daughter,she was asked to wait,Ms Ross declined and  sat down in a corner booth anyway.After being told of the seating policy of the restaurant and  informed she would not be served until her daughter showed up ,Ms  Ross refused to move and a scene ensued once her daughter did show up, with both women eventually storming out of the restaurant. "I'm sorry  Ms. Ross had a problem with our seating policy and feels the rules didn't apply to her"  says  La Scala owner Gigi Leon,  we love having her as a customer and we'd be happy to gave her back at anytime.