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Whether you are a Morris Chestnut Fan or a Nia Long Fan when it comes to "The Best Man" Franchise you will find it doesn't really matter.  The movies are so full of great talent and great characters that it is hard to say you like it for only one of them.  It is an ensemble cast that has defied all conventional wisdom.  It is the first all black movie to have a successful sequel, and whats even better is the fact that they are already working on a third, "The Best Man 3."

Studio's have yet to comment on the rumors, but Best Man writer insist the movie is already written and being studied for cast and cast changes.  One of the early changes in the movie doesn't involve cast departures but instead cast changes.  By that I mean in the new best man flick Morris Chestnut will be a bit funnier.  The last film left fans with a disappointing  feeling about Chestnut's character.  In the new film get ready for a new Chestnut and get ready to see him make you laugh.