Its been awhile since I've been out and about trying out different restaurants in the CTX but to my surprise while I was the barber shop a listener told me about a re-opened restaurant here in Copperas Cove called "The Purple Gator". They are located on 2nd Street in Copperas Cove, literally less than 100 yards from the Kiss Studio, so I took a leisurely stroll over to check them out!

First off, the sandwich you see in the picture is their 12 inch hot sausage po-boy....LOOK. AT. THE. SIZE. OF. THIS. THING. No disrespect to other sandwich shops but this is a LEGIT 12 inches, borderline 15 inches if you ask me. Its huge and the crazy thing is, they actually have 32 INCH po-boys (or subs as you Texas folks call them) that you can get.

They have a great menu of po-boys, gumbo, seafood and other cajun inspired food and they also deliver. Check them out at 212 South 2nd Street in Copperas Cove across the street from the Coryell County Annex or call them up at 512-792-1420 and tell them Melz sent you!