Tonight at 8pm   ESPN'S 30 FOR 30 documentary series  airs "Benji" the story of one  greatest basketball players in Chicago hoops  history. I  was living in  Chicago in 1984 when Ben  or as everyone called him Benji was gunned down on the streets of the south side of the city  ending one of the more promising  lives to ever come out of the city,in context Benji Wilson was everything    and just as popular as Lebron James was coming out of high school.As a freshmen, Wilson played on the school's junior varsity team in 81-82 and in the 83-84 season he was the only junior on a  varsity basketball team full of seniors and it was Benji who led his high school Simeon to it's first ever Illinois state championship and  ESPN named him the best junior player in the country for the 83-84 season. There was never any doubt that Benji was going to play for a major college and then take his talents to the next level and play in the NBA,that was until the afternoon of  November 21st 1984 when everything ended so badly, that is what tonight's ESPN  documentary is all about,I urge you and your family to take time to watch this show and  discuss it with your kids and learn from it. Although it was 28 years ago i can  still remember the shock of hearing the news of  Benji's shooting  and now almost 30 years later finally the Benji  Wilson story is finally shared on a nationwide level, don't miss this show if you do you'll be sorry !