The Universe is abundant, and they say that what you set is what you get.
     Want to attract a soul mate, wealth, prosperity, good health, etc.?  According to some, all that you desire can be achieved by applying the Laws of Attraction.
     In other words, people who believe in the Laws of Attraction believe that a person can be empowered to attract what they want, and attract instant manifestation of what they want.  And, to do so, they must be clear about what it is they want, and they must visualize what they want.
     Do you believe in the the Laws of Attraction?  Do you think it will work if applied to any circumstance, as many writers describe?  Are you willing to experiment with the Laws of Attraction to see if they will be of any benefit to you.
     Well, for me, I have been clear about it, and visualized it, but winning the Lottery, has not manifested, instantly or otherwise.  The Law that I have followed for years has supplied all of my needs and has not failed me yet, so I think I'll just hang with that, and all things shall be added unto me as promised.