When I came into work today, I was feeling kind of down. With everything going on in the world with police brutality, the election and the state of the world, I wasn't in any mood to deal with the nonsense. Let me explain, in my position I have to listen and watch and observe a TON of media and news stories and its very easy to let the negative things in this world consume you and make YOU into that negative person.

Everyday, my mission is to bring LIGHT into your world, make you laugh and have fun, but my mission is to also dispel lies, rumors and nonsense. I only abide what's the undisputed truth and if my life's journey has taught me anything its that people don't like the truth because it forces you to take an honest look at yourself and it bursts the comfort bubble you've created for yourself. The truth will set you free and help you become a better HUMAN BEING, and right now, we're doing a crappy job of being receptive to what's the truth.

But THIS.. this reminds me that people are still great and good. It also confirms that my mission to entertain you and have fun everyday is still intact. To you, it might be just a "card" but to me its the best thing I could ever receive, because it confirms that the LIGHT I shine on you every afternoon is real. Thank you so very much to The Berry Family for your kind words and card. I really and truly appreciate it.