The mean girl who beat up a classmate at a Rowlett Elementary school a few weeks ago is only 13 years old and she has been arrested.


You may have seen the video.  Yes, it has gone viral. Yes, some IDIOT child recorded the beating, and laughed at what was happening instead of trying to stop it. It is so frustrating the way kids act today.


Well here it is in case you missed it. the incident happened on June 19. The 14 year old girl who was attacked was holding a 3 year old at the time.  You can hear a voice off camera urging someone to take the baby so the fight can begin.  Disgusting right? The girls go to middle school together and the fight stems from a disagreement that happened a month ago.



LiveLeak posted the original video and tracked down the guy who shot it. The girls were identified and a warrant was issued for the 13 year old. She turned herself in Sunday night. She has been charged with a misdemeanor for beating her schoolmate. Because the baby was hurt, the teen is also charged with felony injury to a child. The 3 year old was cut on the head when she was dropped on the concrete. The accused was locked up in a Juvenile Detention Center after the arrest.


Dalllas reports Rowlett police plan to speak to prosecutors about whether injury to a child charges can be pressed against the other girl who was standing next to the attacker and the person who was saying to get the baby out of the way.