Great athleticism. Great competition. Great teamwork. All three explain the Texas All Star Soccer Matches over the weekend.It's true, this country has been slow to grasp the nuances of the world's most popular game. But the younger generation is not only learning it, some are excelling at it.

I was very impressed at the skills that were displayed on the "pitch" on Saturday. Both the young ladies, and young men, put on an entertaining match.

The girls game was closer, 3-2, with the North squad getting the winning goal in the final minutes for a second All Star victory.

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The guys game was closer than it looked. The final was 7-1 in favor of the North squad, but the South team had a lot of shots on goal that just didn't find the back of the net. It might not have been enough to win though, as the North squad was very aggressive from the start, and they seem to gel really well as a team, which is rare in an All Star format.

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It's obvious that Football is King in Texas, and will be for a long time, but everyone should consider coming to next years Texas All Star Soccer/Family Fun Day because these young men and women will impress you, as they did me.