Stuff The Bus

Thanks for Stuffing The Bus!
Saturday at Teleperformance we had our Stuff The Bus Wrap up party!
We collected hundreds of School Supplies for the students of KISD.
I had tons of giveaways and of!
The moment of the day though, was when this entire family rolled up on us with 50 bookbags...
Teleperformance of Killeen Stuffs The Bus
It was a blazing hot Saturday in the Centex but that didn't stop us from stuffing the bus and the good folks over at Teleperformance of Killeen were great hosts and came through in a major way to help us deliver school supplies to those in need here this coming school year!
Help Us Stuff The Bus Saturday!
Join us this Saturday from 11:00 am until 1:00 pm at Teleperformance in Killeen and bring all the school supplies that you can spare and help us "Stuff The Bus" to help those in need of school supplies here in Central Texas. We're broadcasting LIVE and giving away prizes to Schlitterbahn a…