With her breakout star status, SZA has become the latest artist to be the spokesperson for a smartphone. In the latest TV spot for AT&T, the TDE first lady is showing off the Fire, Amazon's first ever smartphone.

In the ad, the R&B songbird shows how easy it is to save URLs, add new snacks to her list of things to try and even what song is playing inside the cafe with just a snap of the camera on her phone. The 30-second spot also shows us a bit more of her personality away from the mic, but it's just as we suspected -- relaxed, casual and pretty soft-spoken.

While it's not odd for singers to align themselves with tech products, this isn't SZA's first connection to AT&T. Her mother was an executive for the phone carrier. While that might not necessarily have anything to do with the partnership, it is an interesting coincidence to make note of.

In any case, it's good to see SZA branching out and getting her name out there. Clearly, the 'Moodring' singer has had a busy year so far. Recently, she collaborated with Jill Scott on the song 'Divinity' and dropped her EP, 'Z,' in April.