Do You remember the old school saying "I brought you in this this world and i'll take you out". Well former Miami Dolphins wide receiver Mark "Super' Duper was released from jail after posting a $ 5,000 bail after being charged with attacking his  son Marcus 17 three times and knocking him out twice. According to Jackonville ,Fla police records,the first fight allegedly began when Duper learned his son had slapped his girlfriend, the younger Duper denied he had done anything wrong,which led to an argument.The police report  said Duper "punched his son in the face one time because he wouldn't listen to him " Duper then "took his son to the ground,grabbed him, then picked him up several times and slammed him to the ground as the younger Duper lost consciousness for a short period of time"Duper then ordered his son out of the house,but the son returned and got into a second fight with his father.Later the son pushed a bike into his dad and the elder Duper knocked his son down again and climbed on top of him and began choking  him before a former teammate Hugh Green intervened. No date has been set for Duper's next court appearance.