Everyone knows the cost of college tuition is outrageous and people have come up with creative ways to pay.  As I was surfing tv channels this morning, I overheard the news anchor say, "Sugar Daddy for College Tuition"!  WHAT!  There are actually a number of websites that specialize in helping wealthy men date younger women who are looking for a "sugar daddy" to help them pay for that costly tuition.  With my interest peaked, I searched the web for the topic and found and article on MSN that said the website says it has more than 2 million members worldwide, with 40% of the total members reportedly being comprised of college students.  What will they tell their children when they as parents are faced with that huge tuition bill?  I would imagine the conversation would go something like this... "Oh, honey, just sign up at this website and sell your body to pay for college, but chances are you may not get a good job with that degree."  Not judging anybody in these unsteady economic times; this just raises a big moral flag for me.  Please chime in and share your thoughts?