I was absolutely stunned to find that there was another shooting on Fort Hood today.  I know there is danger in every part of our world, but reports like these are never a regular occurrence.  I spent the remainder of the day connecting with our concerned radio listeners.   The initial reports of the shootings were so murky and unclear and they created a great deal of confusion and panic for those who have loved ones who live and work on Fort Hood.  We kept our request lines open for any individuals on Fort Hood who could provide us with any new information.

It is a tragedy that always feels like it doesn't have to happen, for some reason these kinds of tragedy's feel preventable.  As in every civil tragedy an after action review will always yield clues and motives which will prove why hindsight is 20/20..  There is always a thread that if looked at closer it would reveal the shooter and his motives, before he shoots. We got several calls from Fort Hood Families who gave us a great deal of insight into the crime scene.  This was very valuable and it gave us the ability to report good and important news to our Central Texas Listeners.  Deep prayers for the families and the soldiers of our great United States.