Sta-Puff the Shih Tzu mix is our Pet of the Week.  Lovable and huggable, Stay-Puff is a 3 year old mop full of fun!

Officer Hetzel from the Temple Animal Shelter told us Stay-Puff appears to be housebroken, but not leash trained.  She likes to be held and carried.

She is already full grown, weighing all of 10 pounds.  Stay-Puff would love to find a new family. You can help with that.

Just drop by the Temple Animal Shelter and adopt her.  You can visit with Stay-Puff and see if she is a good fit for your family.

The Animal Shelter at 620 Mama Dog Circle has two play areas so ya'll can get to know each other.

Call and see if the pet you need is there. 254 298 5732.

And don't forget to have your pets vaccinated against rabies.  Listen as Officer Hetzel explains why pets need to be vaccinated every year.