Okay, so you love Tom Cruise, Miley Cyrus and completely hooked on Charlie Sheen.  Today we are connected to our favorite entertainers like never before and somehow we feel we know them.  With each song or movie we feel we get closer and closer to who they are.  You may disagree, but think about the last time someone said something negative about your favorite singer or actor. Without even thinking, you came out defending them and setting the record straight.  We only have this impulse for family and people we know and people we love.

However, every relationship is doomed once the bond of trust is broken.  That usually comes in the form of deceit and  lies.  What if you found out that Miley Cyrus has been withholding something from you.....her real name.   Her real name is believe it or not is, Destiny.  Charlie Sheen's real first name is Carlos, Tom Cruises real last name is, Mapother.  Hip Hop lovers would be devastated to learn that cult rap hero Tupac Shakur, was really named, Lesane Crooks.  International Musical sensation Bruno Mars is actually named Pedro Hernandez.  After learning the real truth of these things you have to ask your self, "Can this relationship still work, and Is there still a chance for us."