In the wake of the Arsenio Hall cancellation many stars of today have been handled the same way.  They get a big congratulations and a media campaign telling everyone they have just renewed a big contract or that their show was just renewed for another season.  It all looks great on paper and then....canceled.  This is not an Arsenio Hall isolated incident, and just a few months ago Columbus Short of the Scandal TV Show got the same news.

Stacy Dash of VH1's Single ladies had an iron clad contract, and still got canned.  She was to star alongside Danny Glover in the series Supremacy and got canned right after she got hired. Nick Cannon, Terence Howard, Vivica Fox and many others have all had similar treatment.  However, they all make millions of dollars for their effort, but often take the hard fall when things go bad.  That's why every actor lives by one your money.