Actress Stacey Dash has been attacked on twitter with negative tweets after coming out in support of Mitt Romney over the  weekend.Many of the tweets were racially charged and others even went as far as to say the former star of Single Ladies should kill herself. Dash who voted for President Obama in 2008 feels it's time for a change and that's why she has chosen to vote for Romney next month. Now the question must be asked why the backlash? Is is because she's black and supports Romney? Well  I'm sure Condoleezza Rice,Herman Cain and Michael Steele all African-Americans just like Stacey plan on voting for Mr  Romney as well,  Do they get a  pass ? Now Stacey has the right to vote for whom ever she chooses, but in this day and age social media you have to wonder if a person drops a tweet knowing it will make headlines and get people talking about them, i mean it's not like Stacey was on your radar until this subject came up, whatever her reason may be for coming out in support of Mitt Romney she doesn't deserve to be treated this way and to those who attacked her you need to step back and chill out, after all you wouldn't want anyone criticizing your support of the President. So by all means vote on November  6th  for the candidate of your choice ,but don't hate on the next person for their choice, because it's  their right !