I'm not going to lie ladies and gentleman, 'Scandal' is my favorite show on TV, hands down.

I shut everything down on Thursday nights between 7:57 and 9:00 just to watch and last night was no different.

If you were busy and couldn't catch the Season 5 premiere here are 7 things (in no particular order) you need to know that will catch you up:

7- Olivia Pope is STILL a bad mutha -SHUT YO MOUTH- if she wants to, she will still get to the bottom of it!!


6- Nothing has changed, Fitz is still The President and still wants to be a gangster by letting the world know he loves and wants to be with Olivia.


5- Fitz put them papers on Mellie... He wants a divorce!


4- Cyrus doesn't trust Mellie anymore. (He wants his job back!)


3- The Queen got her daughter in-law killed in a car crash, because she was allegedly sleeping with her bodyguard. (It actually reminded me of Princess Diana's death)


2- Huck is still crazy as hell and still wants to be with Javi and his mom.


1- Sally went on TV with private photos of Olivia Pope and Fitz getting intimate now the world knows Fitz has been having an affair with Olivia....uh oh!!


My question is when does Mama and Papa Pope pop back into the picture?


We'll see you next week!!!

The Cast of ABC's 'Scandal'