This doggie is a real winner. His name is Speedy and no, he is not hyper at all.  In fact he is just the opposite.  I think the name refers to his sharp mind.


Speedy is about a year old, he is a Brussels Griffon mixed with something. Speedy  is about 20 pounds full grown, neutered, housebroken and he has had all his shots.


Speedy looks kind of like Benji.  Remember Benji, he was in the moving pictures, and he came from the pound just like Speedy.


This is Benji/



Benji up there.   Speedy down here.



This is Speedy, see the resemblance?


Speedy seems to be very intelligent and I bet you could teach him a bunch of tricks in no time. and then you can take him to Hollywood!


You can take Speedy home for only 20 dollars!  In fact all the dogs at the shelter can now be had for that low price! Officer Hetzel explained it to us.



You can stop by the Temple Animal Shelter to see Speedy, They have two play areas so you can get to know your new best friend.  Give them a call at 254 298 5732.


If you are not in Temple, stop by your local animal shelter and see who needs adopting.