There are now more reality shows on television than ever before, and the push is always to find the next big thing.  Although reality shows all follow the same structure, the difference is finding that area of life that hasn't gotten on film yet.  We have seen celebrities, ball players, hip-hoppers, game shows, exes and even preachers.  However, the new show that is creating the biggest controversy is a show that hasn't even been on the air yet.It is called, "Sorority Sisters," and it follows the lives of the various black sororities and their members.

The problem is that the show highlights the differences between the sororities by skin color and beauty.  The AKA's are believed to be lighter skinned and more beautiful.  While the Delta's are seen as darker skinned and known to be more stylish and cool.  The alumni sororities are furious and are organizing a petition to stop the broadcast of the show.  According to the Huffington Post the backlash from the show has resulted in the trailer being pulled from the internet.