There is an old saying in Hollywood, "You can say whatever you want about me as long you spell my name right." This is the golden rule of public and media relations, and in this day of social media it is a rule that is made to be broken.  Today with social media people can say whatever they want and many times they get the name wrong and the facts.  However, this week Solange has again demonstrated what public relations can really do.

She is caught on camera beating her sister's husband and berating him.  This kind of action is a disaster for an established and acknowledged super couple.  However, in todays world all news is good news, and believe it or not Solange is hotter than ever.  Her song, "Losing You,"  has sold double what it sold before the fight. She is making more money now than she ever has, and it is all due to bad behavior, a camera, social media and spelling her name right.  Proving once again that there is no such thing as bad press