Well the second of three presidential debates is over,by the way why is the third and final debate Monday night? when the Bears play the Lions on Monday night football,anyway depending on who you listen to and believe you can come away from last night,s debate saying your guy won. I watch a lot of CNN  and most of their reporters  gave the President the edge, however there are all of these different polls taken minutes after the debate which only clouds the issue as to who may have won and loss.A bipartisan group called Public Opinion Strategies conducted a poll of female voters who seemed  to give the edge to President Obama which is important as the female vote could could decide this election, as for  Mitt  Romney's statement about  having a binder full of qualified women  to serve in goverment, i found that comment to be a little strange ,I would think that there are many many qualified women  ready and willing to be part of public service and you shouldn't have to go looking for them, after all BOSTON  is a pretty large city. So  who won the debate  ? I don't know and neither do you, but what i do know is that in just about three weeks all the polls and talking points won't matter as we all go to the polls and then and only then will we find out who won the debates.