Snoop Lion prefers to take the high road,but not so for Snoop Dogg.Reggae pioneer Bunny Wailer is among the critics who has repeatedly questioned the 41-year old rapper's intentions and commitment to the Rasta ideology. Asked to respond Snoop said"if i was Snoop Dogg(Expletive) Bunny Wailer' But I'm Snoop Lion right now so i'm chilling" he said. Snoop Lion is using his name to release a reggae and dancehall-focused album and an accompanying documentary that tracks his trip to Jamaica and exploration of Rasta culture.The film out this week is in limited release and the album drops April 23.Snoop goes on to say  I've done nothing but what i said i was going to do,go to Jamaica,make a great record,intertwine with some people,build on some relationships and come back and bring something to the community...As far as what people feel about how I'm representing or misrepresenting,that's for no man to judge. This is my journey.