Its been a very busy last few days for me with Bloomin Fest and all the WINNING we're doing, but I'm back piloting the all night flight we call The Kiss Goodnight all this week kicking off at 11:00pm CST! Tonight's Slow Jam is a classic from 1982 from Jeffrey Osborne.

After leaving L.T.D. to go solo, Jeffrey Osborne jumped out the gate on his first solo album with this love ballad, one of many he's known for penning. {QUICK SIDENOTE: What's fun about finding older videos on the internet like this, the sets and also, you get to learn how so sing this one in SPANISH...okay}. Jeffrey Oborne continues to tour to this day and you can connect with him on Twitter and Facebook!

I'll spin this classic and more TONIGHT on #TheKissGoodnight!