Robin Thicke is on a wild ride and he is at the top of his career. It's the first time he has had a number one mega hit with "Blurred Lines."  But that's where the problem started.Once he became a media sensation he also became a point of interest to young women.  Reports are that he has hooked up with several women and has even been caught on camera groping and fondling women. His wife Paula Patton, after seeing him in action, filed for divorce. After, Robin realized that he just let one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood walk out of his life. I'm sure that seeing her on the red carpet without him had to hurt, because nearly every eligible man in America would be very happy to have her.

Here is where Robin got thick(e)... He has been begging ever since!  He's begging her to come back to him and shamelessly throwing himself down to gain her attention on television shows, radio and in concerts. But the big question is....would you take him back?

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