Students from kindergarteners and up will be required to receive sexual health education instruction starting in 2015.     According to the Chicago Public School website, a new policy passed last week that will require “minimum instructional minutes” for students, and instructional material is tailored around age-appropriateness and “medically accurate information.
     As parents and grandparents, we can all agree on the importance of ensuring that our children are provided with accurate and age appropriate information when it comes to sex education, however, the question that comes to mind for me is, should sex education be a "required" part of the curriculum in the public school system, especially for students as young as 5-6 years of age?
     As a grand-parent, who will have a little one starting kindergarten in Chicago in the fall, I have mixed feelings about the school "requiring" him to have instruction on such a complex subject when he is already processing an abundance of new information at that stage.  I know little ones are like sponges and they can absorb enormous amounts of information, however, I can’t help but question if there are more important topics to learn “in school” at that age.
     How do you feel about young children being "required" to receive sexual health education instruction in public schools?  Do you think it’s a good or bad idea, and why?  What effect or impact do you think sex education will have on young children, especially those in kindergarten and first grade?
     Your comments are welcome.