She is the worlds greatest female tennis player, and she is the only American Champion with multiple Major Tennis Titles.  An awesome achievement by any standard, and that is why she is still the number one ranked tennis player in the world.  However there is another side to Serena Williams, a darker and admittedly sexier side to her.

Since she burst on to the tennis scene more than 15 years ago, she captivated audiences everywhere. The surprising thing about her is that she is not just known for tennis, but also for sex appeal. If you missed her infamous catsuit tennis match on live national television then you really will miss the point.  She is by far one of the most popular downloads and screensaver swimsuit models in sport.  She is equally known for her physique as she is for her skills.  And if your getting married to the man of your dreams and suddenly Serena Williams shows up at your wedding wearing nothing but a leopard print bikini....what do you do?  She did just that this past weekend to a couple she didn't even know.  She showed up in all her feminine glory and stunned the crowd and the bride   The question is, "What would you do?