Schlotzsky's is going to help you out on Tax Day with a free sandwich.


The first time I ate at a Schotzsky's was in Minot ND. They moved into what used to be a sports store. I never paid money for deli meat before, and I didn't this time. I was telling everyone who would listen, and that wasn't many, that buying a sandwich from a restaurant, that you can make at home, was the definition of insanity. Finally, to shut me up, a guy I worked with took me Schlotzsky's. They screwed up my order by putting lettuce on the sandwich. An influx of lettuce into a fat man's diet is not a good thing. I barely made it home before my body rejected the meal.

I later went back on my own, because, even though I still believe that ordering a deli sandwich from a restaurant is insane, the bread they serve it on is much better that your standard white bread you get at the grocery store. And, as long as there's no lettuce, it's darn good sandwich. Now it'll be even better.

For one day only Schlotzsky's is offering a little relief on the tax deadline. If you buy a 32oz fountain drink and a bag of chips, you'll get a small Original sandwich for free. Yes, free. The best part, no coupon is needed.